Honey is Abbie’s hope. We currently live in the land of milk and maple syrup. Leon’s brother Roy boils down the most delicious maple syrup down the road at the Corse Maple Farm. But the truth is that left to her own devices Abbie wouldn’t choose to be a dairy farmer. Diversified livestock/veggie operations are much more her speed. It is the land that calls most specifically to her; much like what you hear of those who grow up by the sea. This land pulled her back and it is her love for it that keeps her here. Through motherhood she has come to a much different place of appreciation for the gentle beasts from whom we make our living, but milking them continues to be one of her least favorite activities. Enter the beauty of our apprentice program here.

At some point it struck her that bees were delightful and fascinating. It was in that same space of time that public awareness increased around the declining bee population and she became delighted by the prospect of cultivating the land of milk and honey. Every generation that stewards this land leaves it a bit better, a bit richer than the last and it is with bees that Abbie sees her path forward. Bees, in combination with the cultivation of pollinator species, increased bird habitat, and silvopasture practices are where she sees the opportunity to blend her love of the land and the farm as it is. Plus, everyone, but Abbie and Linda seem to love honey, making it a potentially lucrative side hustle.