We are a quality over quantity farm when it comes to our milk and always have been. Before our barn fire in 2007 our walls were lined with innumerable awards for milk quality. Since our rebuild, the walls are rapidly headed back to a similar state. It is a tradition on which we pride ourselves. When we began contemplating our transition to organic we were delighted to find within Organic Valley a model similar to that of our previous cooperative: Cabot.

In each of these cooperatives farmers are compensated more the higher quality milk they produce. We make anywhere from an additional $1-$3/hundredweight from our quality premiums alone - this equals out between $17,000-$26,000/year that our farm is able to bring in simply by committing ourselves to proactive health monitoring and multiple measures during our milking process to ensure that we are putting the best product from the healthiest cows into our tank to be shipped out to the families we feed.